CFS Met Winnipeg, 2012

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Remembrance Day - 11 November 2012

School Staff Win Fitness Challenge

l to r:  Angela Roberts, Brent McDonald, Denis  Montemont
, Curtis Downie, Ray Fonger, Terry McClelland, Chad Thompson, Steve Manning.

Senior Officer Visits

Dr. Isabelle Desmartis, Assistant Chief Defence Intelligence (ACDI)

CWO Jorma Hamalainen, Isabelle Desmartis, Ray Fonger

 l to r:   Craig Maskell (Director Science and Technology Intelligence), CWO Jorma Hamalainen, Isabelle Desmartis, Cathy White.

Ray Fonger, Isabelle Desmartis, CWO Jorma Hamalainen, Craig Maskell, Cathy White (foreground, back to camera)

Jean-Marc Grenier, Isabelle Desmartis, ?

Col Meloche (Commander Base Borden and Military Personnel Training Group) and
Capt (N) SP Osborne (Intelligence Command Chief of Staff)

Top:  Maj Lysane Martel, Ray Fonger
Sitting:  Col Meloche

l to r (top):  Maj Lysane Martel, Ray Fonger, CWO Jorma Hamalainen.
front:  Capt (N) SP Osborne

l to r (top):  Ray Fonger, Capt (N) SP Osborne, Maj Lysane Martel.
front:  CWO Jorma Hamalainen

MGen Forgues (Commander Canadian Defence Academy)

l to r (top):  CWO Thibault, Brad Dennis, Maj Lysane Martel.
front:  MGen Forgues

 l to r:  Brad Dennis, CWO Thibault, MGen Forgues, Maj Lysane Martel.

Maj Lysane Martel & MGen Forgues

l to r: CWO Thibault, MGen Forgues, Brent McDonald

LCol Hart (Military Personnel Training Group, Senior Staff Officer Training)

LCol Hart & Chad Thompson

LCol Hart

Michael Candow, LCol Hart

LCol Hart & Capt Hynes

l to r:  Capt Steve Hynes, LCol Hart, Susan Vivian

LCol Hart, Chad Thompson

USAF Maj Jon Fisher

Ray Fonger, Maj Jon Fisher (front), Maj Lysane Martel

l to r:  Brad Dennis, Joanne Prost, Brent McDonald, Maj Jon Fisher.

Chad Thompson (back), Maj Jon Fisher, Maj Lysane Martel

l to r:  Maj Lysane Martel, Maj Jon Fisher (side), Chad Thompson, Ray Fonger (back).

CWO Guy Janssens - As Chief Warrant Officer to the Vice Chief of Defence Staff (VCDS)

l to r:  Guy Janssens, Brad Dennis, CWO Scarcella, Maj Lysane Martel.

Guy Janssens

l to r:  Andrew (Geoff) Rusconi, Jean-Marc Grenier, Maj Lysane Martel,
Brad Dennis, Derrick Kania.

 l to r:  Derek Kania, Brent McDonald, Susan Vivian, Guy Janssens

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