Atmospheric Research Station (aka "The Farm"), Woodbridge ON - 1985

photos originally published in May / June 1985 issue of Zephyr

This truck is fully equipped to do atmospheric probing of aerosol structures in the boundary layer. Standing beside the vehicle is Frank Froude, electronics technician.

Peter Chirka runs a Climate Station on the farm. He is seen here with a Nipher snow gauge that collecls snow which is then melted and measured in a graduate tube.

Still very active is this solar radiation suntracker operated here by technician David Barton of Experimental Studies Division.

left: These large horns are an accoustic sounder system with the sound projected upwards and reflected back from clouds. The result is recorded and processed by a computer. The horns are used for environmental and pollution studies.

right: The 50 metre radar tower abandoned with an uncertain future. The small platform on the right was the original Woodbridge weather radar.  Toronto area weather radars have moved to King City.

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