Alert Upper Air Station - 1977

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  Alert Weather Patch

Standing in back (3):  Don Ross, Steve Hopwood, Camil Laprise.
Front row (7):  Ray Cameron (cook), Bob Frederick, Ain Niitsoo, Alfie Laing, Randal Stevenson (seismologist), Dave Tidbury, Henri Gaudry.

Alert Staff - Christmas 1977

 back row, l to r:  Camil Laprise, Alfie Laing, Randal Stevenson (Seismologist), Dave Tidbury (OIC), Don Ross (EL Tech), Steve Hopwood.
front row, l to r:  Henri Gaudry, Ain Niitsoo, Bob Frederick (in mask), Ray Cameron. (cook).

Alert Staff Around Sign - Christmas 1977

l to r - behind or on top of sign:  Bob Frederick, Alfie Laing, Ain Niitsoo, Randal Stevenson (seismologist), Don Ross (EL Tech).
l to r - in front of sign:  Henri Gaudry, Camil Laprise, Dave Tidbury, Ray Cameron (cook).
not visible on upper far right:  Steve Hopwood

l to r:  Steve Hopwood, Mike Daniels (seismologist), Ain Niitsoo, Don Ross (EL Tech), ? (partly hidden).

Ain Niitsoo & Camil Laprise
Radio Room

Alfie Laing, Dave Tidbury, Ain Niitsoo

Mike Daniels & Ken Asmus

Snowmobile Expedition to the North Pole - Resupply at Alert - Spring 1977 before Departure

l to r (8 people):  Barney Barnewell (Senior Warrant Officer), Mary Gibbs (expedition cook, medic, mechanic), Charles Burton (expedition mechanic, radio operator), Geoffrey Newman (expedition radio operator / meteorologist), Ain Niitsoo (U/A Tech), Oliver Shepard (expedition mechanic, medic, meteorologist, radio operator), Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Lady Virginia Fiennes (expedition communications, base commander).

Dave Tidbury - OIC Alert (in front)

Alert Weather Patch (contributed by Doug Stankey)

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