John Walmsley Wins Suggestion Award - Downsview 1985

Jim Young (presenter) and John Walmsley

Note:  This photo has never been published.  It was intended for publication in Zephyr, but did not appear.

There was a story in the May / June 1985 issue of Zephyr:

Back in October 1983, Dr. John Walmsley, Boundary-Layer Research Division, sent a memorandum to the AES Incentive Award Co-ordinator suggesting a change in the procedure of signing telex messages. The signing procedure was "Bruce ADMA". The originator of the message was left to identify himself in the body or message with some such device as "Dr.------ sends his regards." Dr. Walmsley maintained that this is wasteful of time and money and that telex messages should be signed by the sender. Last October, Dr. Walmsley received a letter from Jenny Hadad, Incentive Awards Co-ordinator, stating the suggestion had been accepted and that Dr. Walmsley would receive a $50 award. Jim Bruce announced the change a month later.

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