Volunteer Climate Observer Day - 23 March 1983

two photos - originally published in May / June issue of Zephyr

Photo 1

One of the highlights of volunteer climate observer day was the honouring at AES Downsview of two specially selected veteran observers: Robert McPherson (centre left) of Waseca, Sask. and Vernon Tuck (centre right) of Grimsby, ON.  Mr. Tuck is Canada's oldest volunteer observer.
They are flanked by Morley Thomas (left) and George McPherson (right), regional director, AES Ontario Region.

Photo 2

A regional celebration took place at Aroostook, NB where Mrs. Georgia Curry, a volunteer observer with 37 years experience received her Morley K. Thomas award from Lloyd Veinot (left), OIC Fredericton Weather Office.  Looking on is Bob Reid (right), local CBC TV weatherman.

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