United Way Achievement Award, Montreal - 1986

Danielle O'Shaughnessey and Jean Lessard (presenter)

Note: The following was published, with the above photo, in the July / August 1986 issue of Zephyr:

In 1985, the Canadian Meteorological Centre's objective for the United Way Campaign was $3,500.00 and 45% participation. Thanks to the generosity of 69 donors, the sum of $5,549.50 was collected, a raise of $2,561.50 over the previous year. The rate of participation was 69% with an average of $80.43 per donor or $58.42 per employee.

Danielle O'Shaughnessey
was the campaign organizer and solicitor at the CMC, Dorval, Quebec. Because she did so well, the Canadian Meteorological Centre was honoured with a silver certificate in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the community through support of United Way. We see Danielle In the picture with Mr. Jean Lessard, president and director general of United Way (Centralde) Montreal holding the certificate.

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