United Way Special Achievement Awards - 1989

Note: The following was published, with the photo, in the May / June 1989 issue of Zephyr and represents achievements of the 1988 United Way campaign.

A representative group of AES Toronto area canvassers for the 1988 United Way Campaign assemble with ADM Howard Ferguson and comptroller, Finance and Administration, Joe Boll. They are seen, left to right, holding their certificates of recognition, Gary Teeter, Howard Kagawa, Evonna Mathis, Mr. Ferguson, Jeannette Carter, Sandra McGuire, Joe Boll, Sylvie Barrett, Deedee Davies, Scott Somerville.

* * *
Following were DOE / AES 1988 United Way canvassers who were listed in Zephyr, but not photographed:

Sandra McGuire, Ed Blake, Joan LeDrew, Tom Maiden, Blair Kuntz, Sylvie Barrett, Hugh Black, Angela Scarlato, Vic Pubrat, Joan Badger, Dale McLeod, Réal Gagnon, Judy Ho, Julie Dominic, Deedee Davies, Bill Grandy, Dave Steenbergen, Carr McLeod, Debbie McDonough, Evelyn Wilson, Kaz Higuchi, Evonna Mathis, Kathy Droy, Brian Murphy (ONTARIO WEATHER CENTRE), Alain Boisvert (TORONTO WEATHER OFFICE), Michael Goffin (CONSERVATION & PROTECTION), Sandy Somerville, Candy Jennings, Eileen Veinot, Valerie Moore, Janet Isaac, Manuel Acedillo, Lorraine Kiely, Robert Eals, Fouad Majaess, Lloyd Barnaby, Naila Hameer, Brenda Smith, Sheila Guzylak, Gary Teeter, Jeanette Carter, Don Scott.

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