Suggestion Awards - 1983

Dave Tidbury & Lloyd Berntsen (presenter)

Original texts from March / April 1983 issue of

Dave Tidbury
, an aerological instructor at the Meteorology Training Centre in Cornwall, was recently presented with his second Suggestion Award.

His latest suggestion involved replacing head sets used in the calibration of U2A wind equipment with an inexpensive indoor/ outdoor intercom system, for which he was awarded $200. Dave is a regular contributor to the Suggestion Award program, having submitted seven suggestions to date, of which two have been accepted and two others are still pending.

In the accompanying photo, Mr. Lloyd Berntsen (right), Director of Training Branch, is shown presenting Dave with his award.

Fraser MacNeil (presenter) & Linden Tanner

For suggesting that compressor oil in electrolyser generators located at weather stations be changed every 10-15 days instead of once a week (amounting to a considerable aving across the network), Linden Tanner of Shelburne Upper Air Station (NS) has won a Suggestion Award Certificate.

He is seen here (right) at a presentation ceremony with Fraser MacNeil, chief, Data Acquisition Services, Atlantic Region.
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