Queen's 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medals

Presented, February 2013

The bolded names of winners are from *MSC, or have made significant contributions in
Meteorological Research, Climate, Air Quality Science or Agrometeorology - Please scroll down.

Meteorological Service of Canada

Scroll down for another (formerly MSC and presently CMOS) winner, Ray Desjardins,
from Agriculture Canada, presented at an Ottawa Legion.

Images of Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals are shown in last photo (courtesy
Danny Chan).


Back row:  Jim Abraham, William Stuart Appleby, Paul Langdon, Kenneth Tucker, Paul Klaamas, Ross Galbraith.
Front row:  Normand d'Eon, Maria Dober, Art Cook, William Ernst.

Not in the photo:  Gerry Forbes.


Doug Bliss (presenter), Jim Abraham.

Michael Goffin (presenter), Maria Latyszewskyj

Certificate with award

Maria Latyszewskyj in Downsview Library

Ottawa (NCR)

Back row:  Mike Beale, Sean Kennedy, John Elliott, Pierre Mineau, Philippe Chemouny, Todd Panas, Waheed Khan, Rick Scroggins, Paul Boothe, Robert Chenier, Bob Hamilton (Presenter).
Middle row:  Margaret Kenny, Al Wallace, Peter Bowyer, Kenneth Alexander Macdonald, Richard Ian Guy Morrison, Robert Mclean, Daniel Coulombe.
Front row:  Sue Milburn-Hopwood, Martin Lacroix, Rosanna Esposito, Kathryn Dickson, Patricia Lynn Tomczyk, Carolina Caceres, Andrea Lyon (Presenter), Dominique Blain, Vincenza Galatone.


l to r:  Keith Clifford, Gerry Brunet, Nancy Patterson, Ian Burton, Maria Latyszewskyj, Chul-Un Ro, Heather Morrison, Stewart Gordon Cober, John Lawrence, Dave Broadhurst, Jennifer McKay, Michael Goffin.

Not in the Photo: David MacTavish.


Back row (l to r): John Scinocca, Vivek Arora, William Merryfield.
Front row: Fred Wrona, Eva Mah, Wie Mah, (accepting for Terry Mah), George Boer, Francis Zwiers.

Ottawa - Legion Branch

Mathieu Ravignat, MP and Ray Desjardins

Queen's 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medals

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