Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals

Presented, February 2013

The bolded names of winners are from *MSC, or have made significant contributions in
Meteorological Research, Climate, Air Quality Science or Agrometeorology - Please scroll down.

Meteorological Service of Canada

Scroll down for another (formerly MSC and presently CMOS) winner, Ray Desjardins,
from Agriculture Canada, presented at an Ottawa Legion


Back row:  Jim Abraham, William Stuart Appleby, Paul Langdon, Kenneth Tucker, Paul Klaamas, Ross Galbraith.
Front row:  Normand d'Eon, Maria Dober, Art Cook, William Ernst.

Not in the photo:  Gerry Forbes.


Doug Bliss (presenter), Jim Abraham.

Michael Goffin (presenter), Maria Latyszewskyj

Ottawa (NCR)

Back row:  Mike Beale, Sean Kennedy, John Elliott, Pierre Mineau, Philippe Chemouny, Todd Panas, Waheed Khan, Rick Scroggins, Paul Boothe, Robert Chenier, Bob Hamilton (Presenter).
Middle row:  Margaret Kenny, Al Wallace, Peter Bowyer, Kenneth Alexander Macdonald, Richard Ian Guy Morrison, Robert Mclean, Daniel Coulombe.
Front row:  Sue Milburn-Hopwood, Martin Lacroix, Rosanna Esposito, Kathryn Dickson, Patricia Lynn Tomczyk, Carolina Caceres, Andrea Lyon (Presenter), Dominique Blain, Vincenza Galatone.


l to r:  Keith Clifford, Gerry Brunet, Nancy Patterson, Ian Burton, Maria Latyszewskyj, Chul-Un Ro, Heather Morrison, Stewart Gordon Cober, John Lawrence, Dave Broadhurst, Jennifer McKay, Michael Goffin.

Not in the Photo: David MacTavish.


Back row (l to r): John Scinocca, Vivek Arora, William Merryfield.
Front row: Fred Wrona, Eva Mah, Wie Mah, (accepting for Terry Mah), George Boer, Francis Zwiers.

Ottawa - Legion Branch

Mathieu Ravignat, MP and Ray Desjardins

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