Public Service Awards of Excellence - 16 September 2014

l to r:  Wayne G. Wouters, Clerk of the Privy Council, Anne McCarthy, Presenter - Rt. Hon. David Johnston, GG.

Excellence in Citizen-Focused Service Delivery, Anne McCarthy, Environment Canada

Thanks to Anne McCarthy's relentless efforts, the coastal communities of British Columbia are now better informed about the risks of tsunamis and how to prepare for these natural disasters. Introducing tsunami alerts to the province's Weather Radio Program and to Environment Canada's weather network was a complicated initiative requiring the sustained engagement of various groups. Its success was rooted in the relationships that Ms. McCarthy built over the years and in her ability to see opportunity in diversity. She went above and beyond to ensure the safety of Canadians living in remote areas. The resulting public awareness program demonstrates how federal, provincial and local experts can work together to serve citizens.


Rt. Hon. David Johnston, GG

and Wayne G. Wouters, Clerk of the Privy Council

The Clerk of the Privy Council also took the time to recognize the 2014 Victoria Strait expedition team that recently located one of the ships from the historic 1845 Franklin Expedition. Environment Canada was one of the seven departments involved in this great discovery. It is important to note that the knowledge of the specific Inuit oral tradition, provided by Thomas Zagon, from the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) Branch, as well as the ice analysis and guidance, provided by the Canadian Ice Service, were both key elements in this historic discovery.

citations and photo courtesy of the Governor General's Web Site

no photo was available for Thomas Zagon

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