National Public Service Week (NPSW), Downsview ON - June 2005

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NPSW Organizing Group

Informal Photos

Part One - Presentation of Long Service Awards and Citations of Excellence by

Jim Abraham (Director General for Ontario Region) and Samy Watson (Deputy Minister of Environment Canada)

(number of service years shown, when known)

Jim Abraham, Chad Chouquan Cheng (citation of excellence), Samy Watson

Jim Abraham, Mary Goldstein, Samy Watson

Jim Abraham, Gary Bruce, Samy Watson

Jim Abraham, David E Greig (30 years), Samy Watson

Jim Abraham, Mike Leduc (35 years), Samy Watson

Jim Abraham, Elsa Lobo, Samy Watson

Jim Abraham, Carr McLeod (35 years), Samy Watson

Jim Abraham, Carl Morden, Samy Watson

Jim Abraham, Susan Nameth, Samy Watson

Jim Abraham, Eileen Turner, Samy Watson

Roop Lalbeharry, Roland Mandeville, Samy Watson

Roop Lalbeharry, Samy Watson

Samy Watson, Angus Fergusson (25 years)

Part Two - Group Photo of NPSW Organizers

(4905 Dufferin Street. Front lobby - Green Living Wall, Downsview, ON)

Standing (l to r):  Sam He?, Glen Horenblas, Al Godin, Chantale Lavoie (Cerny), Angela Prochilo, Ana-Lyn King, Vera DeAngelis, Claudia Pais?, Herman Mok, Jim Roberts, Fabio Esposito.
Kneeling (front):  Mary Goldstein, Diane Johnston.

Missing:  Farhad Fanian, Stuart Millson, Katrina Tiongson, Jonathan So, Dave Mattheson.

Part Three - Informal Photos

Candi Zell, Samy Watson, Doug Whelpdale

Commissionaire -  Bob Gilmore

Daniel Pokorn

Daniel Pokorn

David W Phillips

l to r:  Dave Mattheson or Stuart Millson, Jim Roberts, Thomas Gibson, ?, Chantale Lavoie (Cerny)

Diane Johnston, Kelvin Chin, Mary Goldstein

Diane Johnston, Bob Gilmore, Kelvin Chin

Diane Johnston, Glen Horenblas

Herman Mok, Jonathan So

Carla Torchia, Diane Johnston, Mary Goldstein


Marc Denis Everell - ADM via videoconference

Dejan Ristic, Samy Watson

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