Morley Thomas (MKT) Climate Awards - June 1989

l to r:  Peter Rupke (Harmony Creek Pollution Control Plant), Alan Channon, Louis Stadelmann, Morley Thomas, (centre back), William Whiffin, J. David O'Brien, Andrew Gault (Certificate of Achievement), Dave Dockendorff.
photo and text originally published in September / October 1989 edition of Zephyr

* * *

Four volunteer weather observers from Ontario Region received their Morley K. Thomas (MKT) Awards from none other than Morley Thomas at a ceremony held June 20, 1989 at AES Downsview. The MKT Awards are presented nationally to a select few individuals who have observed and recorded the weather for AES, day in day out, often in their own backyards, for at least 30 years.

The four recipients were: Alan Channon of Richmond Hill, Louis Stadelmann of Saltford ON (near Goderich ON), J David O'Brien of Fairport (near Scarborough ON) and William Whiffin of Toronto.

Two further recipients - Thomas Havey of Arnprior and JJ Coffey of Sharon (near London ON), received their MKT Awards during Environment Week, June 4-10, 1989. The ceremony was arranged by Dave Dockendorff, chief of Data Acquisition, Ontario Region.

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