AES (MSC) Merit and Achievement Awards - 1988

Photo 1 - Achievement Awards, 26 January 1988

Photos and texts below were originally published in February / March 1988 editions of Zephyr

l to r:  Ray Jackson, Alex Aldunate, Howard Ferguson, (ADM presenter), Earle Robinson, Gunar Ilzins, Cal Carter.

Excerpts from Zephyr:  To Ray Jackson for outstanding contributions in the field of personnel.  Working in the Department since 1975, he served as a staffing officer, a section head and currently as chief of Classifications.
To Alex Aldunate who for 16 years has been essentially on call 24 hours a day to solve difficulties at the Satellite Data Laboratory.
To Earle Robinson for outstanding contributions to the design of a prototype weather data system for China's Meteorological Service.
To Gunar llzins for his outstanding contributions to the Upper Air Program.
To Cal Carter for his high quality financial advisory service over many years and consistently working long extra hours under high pressure without overtime.

Photos 2 and 3 - Merit and Achievement Awards, late 1988

Photos and texts below were originally published in Christmas 1988 and February / March 1989 editions of Zephyr

Nancy Cutler & Henry Hengeveld

Henry Hengeveld receives an AES Merit Award from Nancy Cutler, acting director general, Canadian Climate Centre. Mr. Hengeveld received the award in recognition of his major contribution to the World Conference on the Changing Atmosphere, held in Toronto last June. In late 1988 he returned to his previous position as advisor, Carbon Dioxide Related Matters.

Barry Greer & Howard Ferguson

Barry Greer, chief meteorologist at the Ontario Weather Centre, recently received an AES Achievement Award for his outstanding performance in developing "Project Tornado", a program to heighten public awareness of the nature and danger of tornadoes and to assist people to be better prepared and minimize the associated risks to life and property. Highlight of the project was a unique, one-day workshop for municipal officials and others held at Fergus, Ont on March 30, 1988. Over 100 attended with a view to developing emergency measures procedures. Mr. Greer is seen here, left, receiving his award from ADM Howard Ferguson. 

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