Long Service Awards Downsview, 18 June 2002

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l to r (all rows):  Rod Prior, Yvonne Cook, Lisa Ang, Dave Dockendorff, Mike Minuk, Lee Cudlip, ?, John MacPhee, Terry Allsopp, Tom Gurdebeke, Joe Megyes, Dean Parsons, Brian Sheppard, Gerie-Lynn Lavigne, Lana Birmann, Tomasz Stapf.

photo credits:  Robert Eals (not in any photos)

Collage of Individual Photos (presenters Mike Minuk & Terry Allsopp)

Tom Nichols

Tom Nichols, Mike Minuk, Terry Allsopp

Lee Cudlip, Mike Minuk

Terry Allsopp, Gerie-Lynn Lavigne

Mike Minuk, Joe Megyes

Terry Allsopp, Yvonne Cook

Terry Allsopp, John MacPhee

Lynn Traves-Whelpdale, Tom Nichols

Walter Dnes, Mike Minuk

?, Terry Allsopp

Tom Gurdebeke, Terry Allsopp

Brian Sheppard, Terry Allsopp

Dave Dockendorff, Terry Allsopp

Tom Nichols, Lana Birmann

Rod Prior, Terry Allsopp

Dean Parsons, Terry Allsopp

Lisa Ang, Mike Minuk
Terry Allsopp, Tomasz Stapf, Ron Bezant (background)

Tomasz Stapf

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