MSC Long Service* Award Presentations, Downsview, May 1995

(six rows; four collages - please scroll down)

* number of years marked where known

Collage 1 -  top (l to r):  Bruce F Findlay (28), Evonna Evanoff Mathis, Nick Koshyk.
bottom:  Kenneth Katsuhiko Oikawa, Richard Poersch (37), Stan Woronko (31).
Presenters:  Phil Merilees (centre) and Gordon McBean (right)

Collage 2 -  (l to r):  Don Champ, Gilles Tardif, Rick Lee.
Presenters:  Nancy Cutler (centre) and Gordon McBean (right)

Collage 3 -  (l to r):  C (Red) Henderson (37), Thomas A Chivers (34), Albert Wright.
Presenters:  John Mills (centre) and Gordon McBean (right, in two left photos)

Collage 4 -  top (l to r): ?, John Munroe.
bottom:  Noble Bowes, Howard Herscovitch (31).
Presenters:  Hubert Allard (centre) and Gordon McBean (right)

Notes:  These presentations included Long Service from 27 to 37 years and were followed afterward by a celebration.  Several recipients retired afterward.

Some photos of the celebration are found at this link to Table 10.

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