Incentive Awards - 1983

1. George Boer

George Boer receives cheque from ADM Jim Bruce

Jim Bruce with Incentive Award Certificate
Photos and text published in September / October 1983 edition of Zephyr

Award, cheque to George Boer for nine years work

George Boer, chief of the numerical modeling division, was given a departmental incentive award for developing ari internationally recognized climate modeling and diagnostic system.

Presentation of the award, on September 13, 1983 was by ADM Jim Bruce at the Downsview auditorium before a large group of colleagues and friends. The award certificate was signed by Deputy Minister Jacques Gérin and was accompanied by a cheque.

Mr. Bruce commended him for applying leadership, extra effort, scientific skills and dedication.

With a team of six assistants, and over a period of nine years, Dr. Boer developed a climate modeling system that allows Canadians scientists to tackle problems such a the effects of human activity on climate and the question of climate prediction.

He obtained his Bachelor's degree from UBC, his Master's (Meteorology) from Toronto U and doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He first worked as a forecaster in 1963, became a research scientist in 1972 and was named head of the modeling division in 1974.

In 1979 George Boer represented Canada on the first Global Atmospheric Research Program. In 1983 he was co-organizer of the Canadian MeteorologicaI and Oceanographic Society congress, and won the CMOS president's prize.


2. Normand Guérin

Normand Guérin

Notes:  Photo and text published in September / October 1983 editions of Zephyr (English & French).  Unfortunately, the presenter, Mr. Bruce is not in the photo in the Zephyr editions.

Guérin recruits 57 francophones

For outstanding work in recruiting 57 francophone techncians in two years, Normand Guérin, OIC Montreal weather office, received a special performance award from ADM Jim Bruce.

At a Montreal ceremony, attended by friends and colleagues, Mr. Bruce said Mr. Guérin richly deserved the award. Signed by deputy minister Jacques Gérin, it was given under the Incentives Awards program.

Mr. Guérin had targeted more than 30,000 French speaking secondary school students outside Quebec and given detailed , lively presentations to some 3,000 of them on career prospects and all aspects of AES operations.

In 1980 the department had set a goal of recruiting 17 new francophone technicians by 1985. By visiting francophone schools from coast to coast, Mr. Guérin managed to recruit 16 new francophone technicians in one year. By the end of his second year he had generated 185 employment applications and recruited 57 new francophone technicians.

Mr. Guerin had also helped set up and promote Weatheradio Canada stations in Montreal in 1977 and in Edmonton in 1980. He participated in an AES bicultural exchange project in Edmonton.

He was praised for his work in popularizing meteorology on television, especially in a series : "La couleur du temps", shown on Montreal's TeleMetropole station during 1978-79.

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