Winner of International Meteorological Organization (IMO) Prize - 1975

Dr. Warren L. Godson accepts IMO Prize at  WMO Meeting in Cairo, Egypt.

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The IMO Prize is awarded annually to individuals for outstanding work in the field of meteorology or in any other field referred to in Article 2 of the WMO Convention.  The IMO Prize consists of: A 14-carat gold medal 57 mm in diameter. It bears on one side the official WMO emblem and on the other side the Latin inscription Pro singulari erga scientiam meteorologicam merito; a monetary award of SFR 10 000; and a parchment scroll.

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for a complete list of IMO Prizewinners, which includes only five Canadians.

Photo with an earlier IMO prize winner taken not long after Dr. Godson's 1975 IMO Prize was announced

l to r:  Phil Merilees, unknown, Kirill Kondratyev (USSR) (1967 winner), Warren Godson (1975 winner).

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