Merit Award to Geoff Meek - early 1981

1. The date and location are confirmed by Steve Hardaker who was in the Regional Office at this time.
2. From reading the framed certificate, this Merit Award may have been from DOE, not AES.  It was signed by then DM Blair Seaborn.
3. Presentation by Jim Bruce occurred at the AES regional offices on St. Clair Av, not at Downsview.
4. Zephyr sent a photographer (maybe Bill Kiely) who took a whole roll of film, including many portraits of Geoff Meek.
5. Nothing was published in Zephyr about this; possibly it appeared in a DOE publication.
6. We are still searching for the publication and citation details.
7. An outlier photo is often found among negative strips, as the photographer tests the camera.

Photo 1

Geoff Meek & Jim Bruce

Photo 2

Geoff Meek & Jim Bruce
Photo 3

Geoff Meek with Merit Award

Photo 4

Geoff Meek
Photo 5

? & Jim Bruce
Photo 6

Geoff Meek & Reid Allen

Photo 7

 l to r:  ?, Reid Allen (back), Pat Pender, Geoff Meek, Jim Bruce.

Outlier Photo

Linda McGuire, ?, Bhartendu

Photo 8

l to r:  ?, ?, Bryan Smith (partly hidden), Roy Tsuda ( three quarters hidden), Steve Hardaker (three quarters hidden), Bob Stark (arms crossed), Gary Turner (behind, right of Bob Stark), Paul Shalapata, George Payment, Reid Allen.

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