Environment Canada Awards to MSC - 2009

(photos - best possible quality)

Citation of Excellence for Excellent Quality of Work to the ECollab Team, Chief Information Officer Branch

Andrew Treusch (Associate Deputy Minister), George Georgopoulos, Olena Koursa, John Whelan, Carol Fetterly, Ian Shugart (Deputy Minister), Farshad Monem.

Missing: Jacques Lacroix.

Nancy B. Cutler Citation of Excellence for outstanding achievement in fostering the contribution of women in Science and Technology

Andrew Treusch (Associate Deputy Minister), Marie Falla, Ian Shugart (Deputy Minister).

Citation of Excellence for Leadership in Providing Information Technology Solutions to MSC

Andrew Treusch (Associate Deputy Minister), Paul van Rijn, Ian Shugart (Deputy Minister).

Other Citations of Excellence (no photos)

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