DOE Citation of Excellence Award - July 1989

See AES Citations of Excellence (six photos and links) for 1989 below this photo

Howard Ferguson and deputy minister Dr. Len Good display a Departmental Citation of Excellence Award, together with a letter of appreciation for 37 years loyal service from Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and a painting of Ottawa's Rideau Canal.

AES Citations of Excellence - 27 April 1989

First Award Winners

Notes: Not every recipient attended the presentations or was photographed.
For other recipients and the complete summary published in the May / June edition of Zephyr, please click here

l to r:  Brenda Smith, Serge Delude, Mary Regan, Howard Ferguson (presenter), Dorothy Neale, Ted Turner, Pierre Lacroix, Gerard Desjardins (partial view).

More Photos of HQs Recipients of AES Citations of Excellence - 27 April 1989

Dorothy Neale displays her Citation of Excellence Award following a 14-year stint as executive assistant to the AES Assistant Deputy Minister's Office, Ottawa.

Jim Young and Howard Ferguson (presenter)

Canadian Climate Centre (CCC) Citations of Excellence - 12 June 1989

(photo first published in September / October 1989 edition of Zephyr)

l to r: 
Una Ellis, Valerie Moore, Joe Megyes, Paul Louie, Janet Isaac and (right) Kirk Dawson (presenter).

missed photo:  Alain Caillet and Robert Schultz

Policy, Planning and Assessment Directorate (APDG)

Citation of Excellence - December 1989

Notes:  No presentation photo was taken
This is shown here for viewing a Citation up close
On the certificate we see the unofficial AES logo created from the Ron Baird sculpture at Downsview

Western Region Citations of Excellence - April 1989

Brian O'Donnell (centre), RDG Western Region, presented two Regional Citations of Excellence Awards at the OIC Conference held in Banff in April.

John Yarema, OIC Calgary Weather Office (right), received an award for his diligent efforts in soliciting the cooperation of the Olympic Weather Support Office and the Calgary Weather Office that resulted in a high calibre of service to the Olympic Games. John's knowledge of technology was instrumental, ensuring that equipment was functioning properly at all times. The entire operation was a tremendous success.

The second award was presented to Rai LeCotey (left). As newly appointed OIC, Fort Smith, Upper Air Station, he immediately commanded action to make many changes and improvements to the facility. With Rai as the catalyst, numerous changes were made to the buildings and the programs at the station. Although the buildings are old, through Rai's dedication and the co-operative efforts of his fellow employees, the station has been refurbished to the extent that it could be a model for any older Upper Air Station that requires upgrading.

At another ceremony held in Western Region, a Transport Canada Award of Excellence was presented to Ron Harrison, OIC of the Lethbridge Weather Office by Ron Bell, regional director, Air Navigation Service. Mr. Harrison was recognized for his efforts in promoting aviation safety. It is the first time this award has been presented to an individual outside of Transport Canada.

Ron Harrison


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