All Seasons Awards - Inauguration by Air Quality Branch - 1988

l to r:  Jim Young (presenter), Mrs. F. Fanaki, widow of Dr. Fouad Fanaki, Bill Sukloff, Joe Kovalick, Doug Whelpdale.

Air Quality All Seasons Research Award

This year (1988) the Air Quality Research Branch designed a new award, the All Seasons Research Award".  This award will be given annually to AES employees in recognition of significant contributions towards achieving the goals of the Branch.  Nominations can be forwarded to the Air Quality Branch from anyone within AES any time during the year. The Air Quality Management Committee will review all nominations received by December 31 and make a final decision before the end of April. 

This year, the following employees received awards:  BILL SUKLOFF for his contribution to improving the efficiency of the Branch operations through his development of the Branch Interactive Budgeting System which is now widely used in AES.  DOUG WHELPDALE for his advice and guidance to a spectrum of researchers in various fields as well as his well thought out positions to senior management on research and policy issues.  JOE KOVALICK for his long standing dedication to supporting and ensuring the success of many air quality research programs.  DON FAULKNER for his significant contribution to the provision of air quality services to the governments and public of British Columbia over the past 10 years.

Everything here was published in Christmas 1988 and February / March 1989 issues of Zephyr.

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