Awards at ADM Open House, Downsview - 21 December 2005

Formal Presentations Below - Scroll Down for Informal Photos

Award Recipients top (l to r): Heather Aucoin, Pierre Dubreuil.
3rd row: Susan Falla, Charles (Chuck) Paterson.
2nd row: Dave McCulloch, Anne Walker
Front: Heather Auld.
Presenters: at left in all photos: ADM MSC, Marc Denis Everell; at right in bottom photos: ADM Science, Brian Gray

Informal Photos at Celebrations Following Presentations

top (l to r):  Susan Falla, Dave McCulloch, Gail Thody, Amir Shabbar.
bottom:  Roger Street, Angus Fergusson, Sule Alp, Cindy Sanders, Marie MacPhee.

"IT group" - all unknown

l to r:  ?, Marc Denis Everell, Ian Burton, Dave McCulloch (bent down), Jan Bottenheim.

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