ADM Awards and Open House Downsview, 18 December 2003

Years of Service Awards (three collages, please scroll down)

(Presented by ADM Marc Denis Everell in white shirt)

Collage 1: 30 Years of Service

Top: George Isaac and Cathy Hayes
Bottom: Linda Eals

Collage 2: 25 to 15 Years of Service

Top:  20 or 25 years - Howard Bordman
Middle (l to r): 20 years - Paul Van Rijn, 15 years - John Kit, Robert De Santis.
Bottom (l to r): 15 years - George Georgopoulos, Willie Lau, Dave Spiegl.

Collage 3: 5 years of Service

l to r:  Kalanithy Veluppillai, Kelvin Chin, Maxine Lansing.

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