ADM Awards and Open House Downsview, 18 December 2003

Citations (scroll down)

l to r: Marc Denis Everell (presenter), Linda Mortsch, Roger Street (top), Grace Koshida, Ashij Kumar.

A Citation of Excellence was presented to the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) Indicators Task Group for providing federal leadership and carrying out most of the day-to-day work involved in producing Climate, Nature, People: Indicators of Canada's Changing Climate.  The group consisted of Linda Mortsch, Roger Street, Grace Koshida
, Rob Cross and Ashij Kumar.  Acknowledgement was also given to Heather Blumenthal, Mike Gill, Kerry Henry, Dennis O'Farrell, and Raisa Smith.

  l to r:  Marc Denis Everell (presenter), Ron Lee and Andrew Teakles

They accepted a Citation of Excellence on behalf of their team; Rob Kuhn, Ron Lee, Glenn Robinson, Andrew Teakles and Bryan Tugwood from the Ontario Storm Prediction Centre, for their work on the computer virus of January 25, 2003.

Citation of Excellence: Marc Denis Everell (presenter) and Indra Fung Fook

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