MSC 25-Year Presentations, * Toronto, 18 December 1970

* held in the Mackenzie Building; last such presentation in DOT facilities before the move to Downsview (see more below photo)

back row (l to r):  RM Cleland, EB Davidson, Charlie.G Goodbrand, F Bernard Muller, Norman M Simon, John S McLernon, EA Wheeler, EC (Ted) Bourdon.
front row (seated)   J Deschênes, Miss EM Constable, F Hughes, J Lloyd F Judd, J Reg H Noble, Mrs. LE Kealy, LJ Marion, GJ Mongraw, Norman Steinhaur.

missed photo:  F Harris, WA. Richardson

Text from December 1970 edition of CMS Monthly Report

Eighteen members of CMS Headquarters received long service pins from the Administrator, Mr. Noble, at a gathering held in the National Film Board Theatre, Mackenzie Building, Toronto on December 18, 1970. In expressing the appreciation of the CMS for the contribu­tions made over the years by the guests of honor, Mr. Noble noted the depth of experience represented by the group. Such experience, gained in all parts of Canada and in a broad spectrum of duties, was especially valuable in the Headquarters of a nation-wide organization like the CMS.  The occasion was unique in two respects. It was the last time that colleagues from widespread Headquarters offices would gather in borrowed quarters to mark such occasions - in future years, all would be under the roof of the new Headquarters Building which would provide the facilities needed.

Also, it was the last such group in which twenty-five years of service in the CMS could be synonymous with twenty-five years in the Department of Transport. Mr. Noble estimated that the CMS would constitute close to one quarter of the new Department of the Environment, and pointed out that there would continue to be many close ties with elements of our old Department in the years ahead.  Departments and headquarters buildings may change, but the success of the CMS will continue to depend upon the type of dedicated service exemplified by those who received long service awards at this gathering.

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