UATS 7503 Scarborough - August to December 1975

See collage

left to right:  Camil Laprise, Renel Lagacé, Dorothée Lebel, Guy Bouchard, Gaby Gill, ?.

Individuals (collage)

top (l to r):  Dorothée Lebel, Gaby Gill, Gene Drapeau (I), ?, ?.
bottom, around picnic table (l to r):  Gaby Gill, ?, Renel Lagacé, Guy Bouchard, Dorothée Lebel (back to camera).
bottom right:  Dorothée Lebel (side view), ? (partly hidden), Ray Gagnon (I).

photographer:  Camil Laprise.

missing instructor:  Joe Dagenais.

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