UATS Course 7401, Scarborough, January - May 1974

Photo 1 - whole course

Photo 2 - part of course  Photo 3 - part of course

(left to right) top row:  Pierre Lessard, Richard Dupuis, Blair Young, Boyd Jahnke, John Newell, D Beaudoin, Bob Elliott.
middle row (four people):  Wayne Kryklywics, Dennis Fournier, Don Tolhurst, Marvin Maronda.
front row:  Ken Pilon, JP Gasse, Tom Sainsbury, Tim Magnusson, J Peter Rainville, Bob Lafrance, Doug Munson.

UATS Course 7401, Scarborough, January - May, 1974 (photo two)

left to right:  Wayne Kryklywics, Doug Crossley, Bob Elliott, Paul Redden, Dennis Fournier, Blair Young, Boyd Jahnke, Don Tolhurst, Ken Pilon, Bob Lafrance.

UATS Course 7401, Scarborough, January - May, 1974 (photo three)

Back two rows (8) (l to r):  J Peter Rainville, Marvin Maronda, Tim Magnusson, D Beaudoin, Tom Sainsbury, John Newell, Richard Dupuis, JP Gasse.
Front row (3):  Pierre Lessard, Bruce McNaughton, Doug Munson.

(Note:  D Beaudoin, Richard Dupuis, JP Gasse, and Pierre Lessard from the French course running at the same time joined for this photo)

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