UATS 7202, Scarborough - May to August 1972

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Top row (l to r):  Steve Walker, Ed Horlings (DND), Joe Lasovski, Dixie Lee Krill, Brent Ewing, Dennis Derkat.
Third row:  Jacinthe Audet, A James Arnold, Randy McCumsey, ?, Allan Howard, Ken Dishaw.
Second row:  Andrew (Andy) _ , ? (international student), Doug _ , Ken Jardine, Mike Gale, Gary Price (DND).
Bottom row:  Terry Duffy, ?, Dennis Gamble, Fred Karg, Brian Stasiuk, ?.

Informal Group Photo

left to right (all rows):  Ed Horlings (DND), ? (international student), Terry Duffy, Randy McCumsey, Jacinthe Audet, Brent Ewing, Steve Walker, Joe Lasovski, Dennis Derkat, Dixie Lee Krill.

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