UATS 6601, Scarborough - 1966

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Top row (l to r): Francis W Perry, Brian FV Poersch, RW Fordyce, WS Mason, WJ Cowan.
Front row: HC Hayman, GG Gunther, RG Morin, RB Grant.

Photo 2

Back row (l to r): Abe Pelley, Mervin Millar, Bill Thompson, ? Ray Heartz.
Front row:  Lorne Goulden, Brian Kahler, Ron Melick, Gary Teeter.

Photo 3

Top row (l to r):  Steve Stokes, ?, Dave Turchanski, James Dernam-Reid, Marvin Makal.
Front row: ?, William (Bill) Palander, Ron May, Franz Wilfling.

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