UATS 6501, Scarborough - 16 February - June 1965

Four photos:  Photo 1 Photo 2  Photo3  Photo 4

Note re names: Only last names were documented. 
As well, the rows are unclear and interlaced, therefore the best attempt has been made to give the names in a left to right mode as they appeared, no matter what "row". 
Corrections welcome.

left to right (all rows): Wayne Allison, Noble Bowes, Jim Burgess, Gerry Walker, Terry King, Dave Banman, Craig Brucker, Duncan Taylor, Gerald P Lemay, Gerald Weaver, Cliff Hannah, _ Barker.

Photo 2

left to right (all rows): Robert Brown, Barrie Downing, _ Mackay, Floyd MacNeill, _ Fyffe, Nick J Young, Gerald du Plessis, _ St. Pierre, Jacques Renaud, Simon MacDonald, _ Sahlgren

Photo 3

left to right (all rows): Murray Helferty, George Dobie (DND), Ian George, James Hamilton, Conrad Prince, Gerry Jordison, Hugues Bouchard, Dennis Gamble, Harold Pankratz, Bert (Formuziewich) Hall, Jack Van Delden, Lynn Spring.

Photo 4

left to right (all rows): Donald Nordin, Fred Karpenic, Dave Perraton, Hans Schinke, Robert Loveless, _ Leafloor, _ Saunders, _ O'Reilly, _ Miller, _ Wendell, Les Wood, _ Tidman.

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