UATS 4, Scarborough - 11 December 1961 to March 1962

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Back row (l to r): Jim Spears, Tom Willson, Howard Mosher.
Front row: Bill Skea, Murray Richardson, Jacques Bujold, Al Peden.
Missing: Stan Lupack (who attended part-time).

Photo 2

Back row (lto r): Alf MacLeod, Hector Glanville, Bob Jackson, Al MacGregor.
Front row: George Kearey, Dunc Morgan, Ken Platz.

Photo 3

Back row (l to r)  John Gilge, Russ Colville, Lyle Bligh.
Front row:  Norm Shrimpton Carl Bursey, Lionel Foreman, WR (Bill) Little (Instructor).

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