Ice Services Specialist Course

September 2019 - 11 December 2020

MSC office, Place Bonaventure, Montreal

top row left (l to r):  Roxanne Richmond, Kirsten Jeske.
top row right:  Guillaume Paradis (I), Jean Morissette (I).
 middle row left:  Erick Thibault (I), Audreanne Poirier-Turcot.
third row right:  Serge Besner (I), Cameron Roy.
second row right:  Francis Beaulieu, Jeremy Sklad.
bottom row left:  Richard Moffett (I), Eric Vaillant (I).
bottom row right:  Camille Audet, Alexandre Livernoche.

Missing instructors:  Lucie Thériault, Mathieu Laperriere, Alexandra Cournoyer, Natasha Fee, Philip Mann, David Robertson.

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