Ice Services Specialist Course (Including Arctic OJT)

September 2017 - 7 December 2018

MSC office, Place Bonaventure, Montreal

l to r (all rows):  Richard Moffet (Met Instructor), Suzanne D'Amours (Manager, Ice Field Service), Philippe-Alain Bergeron (Met Instructor), Erick Thibault (Manager, Marine Operations),  Philip Mann, Alexandra Cournoyer, Donavan Tremblay, Jonathan Delisle, Natasha Fee, Guillaume Paradis, Serge Besner (Met instructor), Eric Vaillant (Manager, Training and Standards).

Missing:  Lucie Thériault (Ice Instructor), Véronique Pinard (Ice Instructor), Jacques Collin (Ice Instructor), Ron Morrow (assessment).

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