Basic Meteorological Technician Course 1A (TM 61-1A) (first half)

Air Services Training School (ASTS), Uplands Airport, Ottawa, January - March 1961

Third row (l to r):  ?, Ken Devine, Lorne MacRae, _ Macdonald, M Budy, George Payment, Jim Fishwick, _ Forret, _ Marks, John Bellefleur.
Second row:  A  MacGowan, Gail Ma-Pooh, _ Morin, Lawrence (Larry) Pokrant, Pete Wlasuk, Harold Bienvenue, Floyd Kelly, Dick Bryer, J Cruikshank, _ Hay.
Front row: Fred Aronson, _ Zotec, Stu McLean (I), Burt Davidson (I), Archie Asbridge (I), Ralph H Harley (I), John Sandiford (I), John Panas, Norm Ewaskiw.

At least six in this picture did not complete the course.  Most of the graduates went to Scarborough in April for the upper air training.

See second half of this very large course which was given in parallel with this half

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