Advanced Meteorological Course 81-02, September - November 1981

Transport Canada Training Institute (TCTI) Cornwall

 Note:  A formal class photo has not been found, but course members Dale Marciski and George Weaver have contributed some individual photos. 
At the top is a group photo of the course from Dale, followed by five collages from George; four at graduation celebrations and one in the classroom.  Please scroll down.

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Back row (standing) (l to r):  Guy Lauzé, George Weaver, Gilles Verner (I), Ron Lee, Alain Caillet (I), Jerry Rockwell, Shig Ishada.
Middle row (staggered on right):  Martin Beebe (standing), Mervyn Jamieson, Terry Smith, Jeff Mann, Peter Schwarzhoff, Dennis Malchuk, Michel Houde (I), Phil McLaughlin (I).
Front row:  Mike Riley, Barry Funk, Bruce Angle.

Missing from above photo: Dale Marciski

Graduation Party

Top row ( l to r):  Guy Lauzé, Mervyn Jamieson, Alain Caillet (I) // Bruce Angle, Dennis Malchuk, Ken Wowryk (barely visible), Mike Riley // Dale Marciski, Ron Lee, Phil McLaughlin (I).
Bottom row:  *Sandy Radecki, Bruce Angle, Dennis Malchuk // Phil McLaughlin (I), Peter Schwarzhoff, Gilles Verner (I), Martin Beebe, Mervyn Jamieson.

*Sandy Radecki was not on AMC 81-02, but on the basic course ongoing at the same time.

Around the tables, starting front left:  Dennis Malchuk, Richard Zurawski, Guy Lauzé, Michel Houde (I), Barry Funk, Sandy Radecki, Dale Marciski (partly hidden), Alain Caillet (I), Gilles Verner (I), Mervyn Jamieson, ?.

Around the tables, starting back row left:  Alain Caillet (I), Gilles Verner (I), Mervyn Jamieson, ?, Richard Zurawski, Guy Lauzé, Michel Houde (I), Barry Funk.

George Weaver and Guy Lauzé.

In the Classroom

Fourth row:  Terry Smith, Jerry Rockwell, Dale Marciski, Bruce Angle.
Third row:  Bruce Angle, Mike Riley, Peter Schwarzhoff, Guy Lauzé.

Second row:  Martin Beebe, Mervyn Jamieson, Barry Funk, Dennis Malchuk, Ron Lee.
Bottom group (1) (all l to r):  Martin Beebe, Dale Marciski, Jeff Mann, Bruce Angle, Shig Ishada.

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