AOTC 76-01 Scarborough - 5 January to April 1976

Top row (l to r):  F Ingo K Schulz, Wayne I Myskiw, André Carpentier, Tom R Gurdebeke, Maret Schultz (Law), John J Guenet, ?.
Third row:  Claude Plourde, Frits Norm Winkelaar, Ole Jacobsen, N Scott Hardy, Deborah Gail Simmons, Wayne Garvi, Dave M Ross.
Second row:  Norm D Whiteford, ? (teacher in Schefferville), Ken L Roth, ?, Lorne A Thurber, ?, Henri Gaudry, Dave F Jones.
Bottom row:  Keith E Lloyd-Walters, Doug Stankey, Richard Walpole.

Chief Instructor:  Miro Kostiuk.

On this course, probably shown above, but not yet placed:  JJG Beaudry, M Gelinas, JW Johnson.

Certificate of Completion

Burt Davidson oversees a launch by Doug Stankey

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