GMD / ADRES* Courses - Downsview, ON - 1982

*ADRES - Aerological Data Reduction System

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16 February - 18 March 1982

top row (l to r):  Bob Cox, Rolly Leroux (I), Frank Leonard, Leo Wehrstedt, Jim Price, René Lafrenière (I).
sitting:  Jean Lesaulnier, Brian Culleton, Dan Cameron, Martin Miller.

14 April - 14 May 1982

l to r:  René Lafrenière (I), Marc-Alain Desjardins, Silvain Paquette, Norm Easson, Ralph Jenkins, Dave Silverthorne, Rolly Leroux (I), Dave Hoockham.

8 September - 8 October 1982

top row (l to r):  René Lafrenière (I), Leonard Szarko, Bruce Spencer,  Rolly Leroux (I), Jean-Pierre Béland.
sitting:  Rick Gravelle (or Gravells), Colin Dawe, Parker Jung.

16 November - 16 December 1982

back, standing (six) (l to r):  Rolly Leroux(I), Norm Fontaine, Brian Van de Mosselear, Darren Stumber, Dan Mercier, Michael Carley.
front four (sitting or crouching):  Ken Roth, Grant Larsen, Joe Newell, René Lafrenière (I).

Course Certificate

Note: Robert Villeneuve was on the course preceeding this one - photo not yet found.

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