CFWOS Briefer Workstation Train-the-Trainer Seminar, CFS Met Winnipeg - January 2004

scroll down for briefer workstation scenes

Back row (l to r): Brian Eisner, Jerry Kenneth Meyers, Andy Domarchuk, Brian Giese, Rick Dwyer, René G Gagné, Martin Côté, Patrice Tremblay, Mitch Berard, Reg Allard, André Miron.
Centre row: Susan Vivian, Scotty Allan, Mike Murray, Dave McInnis, Gord McLean, ?, Dave Snyder, Ed Laton, Larry Malenfant, ?, Colleen (Southwood) Totton, Ron Reitsma.
Front row: Barry Julien, Jason Sill, Kim Redekopp, Paul Pick, Steve Hardaker.

Briefer Workstation Scenes

l to r (background four):  ?. ? (partly hidden), ?, ?
front five: 
René G Gagné, Brian Eisner, ?, ?, Scotty Allan.

front to back (9 people): 
Ron Reitsma, Mitch Berard, Martin Côté, André Miron, Patrice Tremblay, Steve Hynes, Susan Vivian, Curtis Gibson, Jason Sill.

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