Chief Met Assistant Course (Group4), Shilo Manitoba - Sept. 1962 - Jun. 1963

Back row (l to r): Lou Lacharity, AN Adams, ER Gilson, CR Thornton, Gord J Inglehart.
Front row: HM Baird (Instructor), RM Turner (TSM), Capt. CMJ Pachal (IG), Fred (Bud) R Mahaffy (Instructor), A Don Derbyshire (Instructor).

(Notes on this course from Gord Inglehart:  The course was broken into three parts.  Sept. - Dec. 1962 was in Shilo MB.  Jan. - Mar. was in the Scarborough Upper Air School; only the students were there (back five in pictures are students). The instructors at this time were Civilian Met Techs. The course finished in Shilo from Apr. - Jun.).

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