DND Met Tech Tactical Weather Specialist (TWS) Course 1701 -  7 December 2017

Basic Occupation Qualification, Meteorological Observer Briefer Technician

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Back row ( l to r):  Ashley Victoria Morales Sims (I), Faran JC Boyd, Nicolas RM Tremblay, Antoine C Lamonde, Joseph S Menard, Manali R Desai, Mitch A Pelletier (I), Young I Kim, Mitchell W Ethier, JL Maxime Bradette, Kirsten L Jasper (I).
Front row:  C Couture (I), Steven.D Manning, CMR Ouellet (CWO CF Int Group), Col Paul Peyton (CF Int Group Cmdr), Maj Stéphane JP Thivierge (Cmdt CFS Met), Brent McDonald, Gilles EW Szikora (A/CI).

Certificate of Academic Distinction

Col Paul Peyton, Manali R Desai, CWO CMR Ouelett
Certificate of Merit

Col Paul Peyton, Maxime Bradette, CWO CMR Ouelett

Visit to CFS Met

Col Paul Peyton, & CWO CMR Ouelett

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