DND Met Tech Tactical Weather Specialist (TWS) Course 1601 - 8 December 2016

Basic Occupation Qualification, Meteorological Observer Briefer Technician

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Back row  (l to r / g à d):  Caroline Linteau (I), Catherine Chiasson, Sasha Thomas, Shane Johnston, James Pearson, Justin Tupper, Maksim Houde, Mitch Pelletier (I).
Middle row:  Ashley Victoria Morales-Sims (I), Kalee Haasbeek, Jennifer Fox, Surendran Chandrabose, Colin Dauphinee, Brandon Koren, Pamela Caouette, Kirsten Jasper (I).
Front row:  Stephen Manning (CI-IC), Brent McDonald (Stds MWO - Adjum NOR), Ian Campbell (CWO-adjuc 1 RCHA) , LCol Haire (CO 1 RCHA-Cmdt du 1 RCHA), Maj Stéphane Thivierge (CMDT CFS Met), Malcolm Taylor (SCWO-Adjuc E), Gilles Szikora (CD-DC).

Certificate of Merit

LCol Haire, Colin Dauphinee, Maj Stéphane Thivierge.
Certificate of Academic Distinction

LCol Haire, Pamela Caouette, Brent McDonald

Gift from Students to CFS Met

  Jennifer Fox and Maj Stéphane Thivierge

Gift Enlarged

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