DND Met Tech Tactical Weather Specialist (TWS) Course 1401 - 2014

Basic Occupation Qualification, Meteorological Observer Briefer Technician

scroll down for certificate presentation and post graduation signing

Top row (l to r):  Ben Simard (I), Luke Ross, Jonathan Bouchard, Marcus Estabrooks, Francis Dion, Samuel Deslauriers Auclair, Daniel Jacklin, Sean Dobbie, Terry McClelland (I).
Middle row:  Joanne Prost (I), Nicolas Girard, Nicholas Richards, Marie Carrier, Edwin Chow, Brigitte Filion, Katrina Kauer, Cedric Methot, Gus Gaucher, Timothy Sweet, Caroline Linteau (I).
Front row (seated):  Michel Pelletier, CWO Ray Fonger (SCWO), Col Alex Day (2 CAD Dir AF Trg), Maj John Cowen (CMDT CFS MET), Brent McDonald (CI), Mike Carver.

Missing:  Brad Dennis.

Certificate of Achievement

Col Alex Day, Edwin Chow, Mike Carver
Signing the Book at CFS Met

Col Alex Day, Ray Fonger, Maj John Cowen.

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