DND Met Tech Tactical Weather Specialist (TWS) Course 1302 - 2013

Basic Occupation Qualification, Meteorological Observer Briefer Technician

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Top row (l to r):  Andrew Sentner, Mark Somers, Gregory Masiuk, Richard Martin, Jordon Oakley, Emmanuelle Lebouthillier, Nathan Arseneau, Jeffrey Baker, Joseph Kenneth Leclair, Frederick Tucker, Ben Simard (I), Mitch Pelletier (I).
Third row (one Person): 
Joanne Prost (I).
Second row:  Brian Lindgren (I), Alden Smyth, Jason Stratton, Keith Smart, Amanda Anderson, Ashley Victoria Morales-Sims, Keya Kelly, Lo Xan Keomanyla, John Anderson, James Grady, Andrew Frederick Cogswell, Zachary Poirier, Terry McClelland (I), Michael Carver.
Front row (seated):  Steve Manning, Brent McDonald (CI), Maj John Cowen (CMDT CFS MET), BGen Bruce Ploughman (Comd 2 CDN AIR DIV), CWO Dan Coutu (CWO 2 CDN AIR DIV AF CE TRG), Ray Fonger, Brad Dennis.

Graduation Photo

Signing The Book

l to r:  BGen Bruce Ploughman, Ray Fonger, Dan Coutu, Major John Cowen

Presentation of Certificate of Merit

BGen Bruce Ploughman ,
Keya Kelly, Major John Cowen
Presentation of Certificate of Achievement

BGen Bruce Ploughman, Jason Stratton, Brad Dennis

Course Activities

l to r: 
Ben Simard, ?, Fred Tucker and  Nathan Arseneau

Course Activities

Lo Xan Keomanyla (Keo)

l to r: ? , Lo Xan Keomanyla (Keo), Zach Poirier, Nathan Arseneau, Ben Simard.

?, Nathan Arseneau, Zach Poirier, Lo Xan Keomanyla (Keo), ?

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