DND Met Tech TQ6B Course 7802 - 1978

scroll down for photo without instructors and staff, and one certificate presentation

Top row (l to r):  Bob Hawkins, Don Sally, Andy (JC) Chiasson, Daryl MacDonald, Bob Howell, Teddy Kleim, Claude Barbeau, Stan Uhryn, Jeannot Jolette, Pierre Parent. Bottom row (seated):  Pat Dillistone, John Lauder, Paul Kowal, Ben Friesen, Dwayne McLean.

DND Met Tech TQ6B Course 7802 - 1978 (without staff)

top row (l to r):  Claude Barbeau, Don Sally, Pierre Parent, Stan Uhryn
front row:  John Anderson, Dave Boucher, Jeannot Jolette, Daryl MacDonald, Andy (JC) Chiasson

Claude Barbeau and John Lauder (presenting)

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