DND Met Tech TQ6B Course 7801 - 1978

scroll down for photo without instructors and staff

Top row (l to r):   Ken Garrity, Marv Wojtowicz, Tolson Penney, Jean Geoffrion, Henry Romance, Wilf Waite, Abe Pelley, Ron McIntyre.
missing:  Willie Walker.

Seated (instructors and staff): 
RO (Bob) Hawkins, Robert A (Bob) Howell, Col JR Allingham (BCOMD), Pat Dillistone, Ben Freisen, Spencer T Silver, Al Cottingham.

DND Met Tech TQ6B Course 7801 - 1978 (without instructors)

Top row (l to r): Tolson Penney, Marv Wojtowicz, Jean Geoffrion, Ron McIntyre, Ken Garrity.
Bottom row: Wilf Waite, Henry Romance, Willie Walker, Abe Pelley.

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