Met Tech TQ6A 8601 - 1986

scroll down for photo without instructors & staff, and for two photos of course certificate presentations

Back row (l to r):  Robert D (Bob) Frosst, Roger Desjardins, Benoit Lacroix, M Paulyne Larivière, GA Adcock, Paul Van Der Horden, Ken Richard, Don Sally.
Front row:  Peter Enns, Spencer T Silver, Bob Hawkins, John Dmytriw, Paul Kowal, Bob McCarthy, Doris Quinn.

Missed photo:  G Paul MacEachern,
JA (Bob) Patry

Back row (l to r):  AJ (Tony) Evans, Benoit Lacroix, John A Robertson, John Zonneveld, Paul Van Der Horden, Bob McCarthy, Earle A Bourgeois.
Front row (seated):  G Paul MacEachern, JA (Bob) Patry, M Paulyne Larivière, GA Adcock.

Course Certificate Presentations

l to r:  RO (Bob) Hawkins, JA (Bob) Patry, Paul Kowal

G Paul MacEachern & Paul Kowal

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