DND Met Tech TQ3 8402 - 1984

scroll down for photos without staff and instructors, and for Commander's Commendation

Top row (l to r):  Jean-Yves Demarbre (I), WG Chaisson, Pius L McCarthy, GM Hewie, Ray J Rushton, JG Chartrand, Gary Gilmartin (I).
Middle row:  Dave A Bishop (I), Barry Tulk, Charles (Chuck) Loykowski, Jeff Dickson, O Ricciuto, ATY Wong, Jerry Kenneth Meyers, Dennis Lewis.
Front row (staff & instructors):  Denis Rochon, Mike Grover, RO (Bob) Hawkins, Bill Whalen, LCol Chandler, Paul Kowal, Brian Wong, Roger Desjardins.

DND Met Tech TQ3 8402 - 1984 (without staff and instructors)

Back row (l to r):  FM Wilson, Pius L McCarthy, JHNR Carrière, BW Finley, KG Murphy, JV Whalen, ATY Wong.
Centre row:  Jeff Dickson, WG Chaisson, O Ricciuto, JN Hale, JG Chartrand,
Jerry Kenneth Meyers.
Front row:  Dennis Lewis, Barry Tulk, DV Figenshaw, Ray J Rushton, GM Hewie, Charles (Chuck) Loykowski.

Commander's Commendation

l to r:  Brian Wong, Col McGowan (B Comd), RO (Bob) Hawkins, JHNR Carrière (recipient), WG Hodgson (BCWO).

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