DND Met Tech TQ3 Course 7603 - 1976

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Rear row (l to r): Martin Côté, W Halliwell, Brent McDonald, Holroyd, Ray Fonger, John Lavender, Steve Everitt, Greg Gardiner, St. John, Frechette, Denis Beaudoin, Al Lefort, Dave Geiger, Dixon, Brent Colpitts, Greg Bell.
Front row: Ken Garrity, Andy (JC) Chaisson, Dwayne McLean, Pat Dillistone, Paul Kowal, Col. MD Gates, CWO Dodds, Gord Inglehart, Pat Walton, Milt Pelley.

Graduation Parade

Parades were often held among CFWS units and even occasionally including seconded meteorologists in uniform.
It is believed the photos at the left and centre are the first photographs of such a met parade to reach this collection.

centre ?, giving the salute: Greg Bell
taking the salute: Col. MD Gates

Col. MD Gates, ?, ?, Ray Fonger

Ray Fonger, Col. MD Gates

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