DND Met Tech TL3 7502 Course - 1975

scroll down for a second photo

Back row (l to r):  Gary Gilmartin, UP Kailuweit, José Plante, Arnie Abeling, Ed Rempel, Paul Richey.
Front row:  Andy Wood, Ron J MacDonald, Jack Kerr, Tom Rode, Randy Deeves.

Take 2

Back row (l to r):  Randy Deeves, Tom Rode, UP Kailuweit, GB (Jerry) Janes, José Plante, Arnie Abeling, CJ Marcotte, ML Mills.
Front row:  ?, Jack Kerr, Ron J MacDonald, Ed Rempel, Andy Wood, Gary Gilmartin.

may be in photo but not placed:  RN Cottrell, DE Hanson.

missed photo: Paul Richey

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